Collegiate School Of Medicine and Bioscience

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The Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience (CSMB) Magnet High School — is a community of learners with a student body that embraces the highest of academic standards. Collegiate is patterned after some of the most successful high schools across the nation, including, the distinguished Michael E. DeBakey High School for the Health Professions in Houston, TX. Collegiate offers advanced curricula which include many honors and Advance Placement (AP) courses. CSMB’s environment and culture is one in which all of its students and staff work together toward a common goal of careers in medicine, health careers, and biomedical research.

Designed as a rigorous four-year medical professions magnet program, the school’s mission is to prepare a diverse student body to further their studies at the nation’s best colleges and universities. CSMB’s college prep curricula includes a minimum of four mathematics and eight science course’s, which will prepare students with an academic foundation essential for post-secondary studies. The school’s unique four-year medical program provides students with project-based learning experiences under the guidance of health science and technology professionals in the classroom and with our local partners – Goldfarb School of Nursing, Washington University Medical School, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, and Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. All students will complete an internship/practicum during their senior year. 

The Collegiate School of Medicine and Biosciences requires a written commitment from both students and parents to follow the rigorous four-year course sequence, complete a minimum of 200 hours of community service, earn First Aid and CPR certification prior to entering the 11th grade, and abide by the school’s Honor Code and Dress Code policies.

Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Placement Eligibility Criteria

Fax to: 314-244-1790

Contact Persons:

Mr. Frederick Steele-Principal

Kennethera Turner-Administrative Assistant

Email to:                     


  1. 6th and 7th grade final report card and first grading period report card of 8th grade

  2. Report cards show at least B’s in English, Science, Math, Social Studies. One C will be acceptable for any of these classes.

  3. Applicant must score at or above the 50th percentile level on a standardized test, and in all sub-areas of the test.

  4. Attendance percentage at least 90% for 7th and 8th grade(documented)

  5. Discipline records for 6th & 7th grade (documented). No out of school suspensions. In-school suspensions considered case by case

  6. Two letters of recommendation from 2 of following (current teacher, counselor, principal or designated administrator)

  7. Entrance essay using the prompt on the online application

  8. A student and parent/guardian interview

  9. If accepted, attend the Collegiate Summer Orientation Program prior to entering the 9th grade.

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