McKinley Classical Leadership Academy

2156 Russell 63104

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McKinley CLAHS provides a challenging educational experience for students that is accelerated and enriched beyond the normal mandated curriculum. We provide a culturally diverse educational program for all students in an atmosphere for students to grow intellectually and personally. Our student-school-parent support system improves and strengthens cooperation between our families and the school.

McKinley Classical Leadership Academy Placement Eligibility Criteria

Fax to: 314-244-1833

Contacts:  Mr. Kaylan Holloway

                  Ms. Julie Metzger

                  Ms. Meghan Joshi 

Email to:





1. Completed Magnet Application with McKinley selected as First or Second Choice. Eighth Grade McKinley CJA Middle students must apply for the McKinley CLA High School program

2. Copy of the most recent report card



MINIMUM Acceptable Grade: With C grade student must be  50%ile or higher on national normed standardized achievement test.

Communications Arts






Social Studies


3. No out of school or in school suspensions one year prior to admission

4. 90% or higher attendance rate in the year prior to applying McKinley.

5. National achievement test scores or  End of Course Examinations 50% or higher in both Communications Arts and Mathematics

6.One teacher and one administrator letters of recommendation (waived for McKinley CJA 8th  to McKinley CLA 9th students)

7.Administrative Admissions Interview (waived for McKinley 8th Grade Students wishing admission)

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