Clyde C. Miller Career Academy

1000 North Grand Blvd.
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Clyde C. Miller Career Academy provides students with access to a traditional academic program, as well as in-depth exposure in our Career and Technical program.  Students choose and Career and Technical Pathway as a major at the end of their sophomore year, and complete their senior year of the program on an internship in the field.  Approximately, 98% of our graduates pursue continuing education at the collegiate level and continuing technical education, as well as military service, as seen by the number of alumni who have graduated from some of the top colleges and universities across the country.  Students will attend school located in a state-of-the-art 143,000 square foot facility.  In addition, Career Academy has arguably one of the top athletic programs in the city of St. Louis.

Clyde C. Miller Career Academy Placement Eligibility Criteria

Fax to: 314-244-1751

Contact: Ms. Janese Collins Email to:


  1. Strong interest in career and technical education

  2. Previous year’s report card; Recommended 2.5 GPA

  3. Copy of discipline record; Good standing in citizenship

  4. Preferred attendance of 90%.  Please provide documentation if extenuating circumstances exist.

  5. Career Academy only accepts 9th and 10th grade applicants

  6. Adherence to uniform policy

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