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Welcome to the St. Louis Public Schools Magnet and Choice Schools 2021-22 School Year Online Application

To begin a new application, first select the program you wish to apply for. If you have already created a parent account, started an application, or would like to apply for another program, you can login to your account using the form on the left.

Please be sure to login in with the email used in the first/previous account established to create applications and communicate the status of your applications. If you create an additional parent account and attempt to apply for a student that is already listed under another/previous parent account, the system will not let you proceed with that application. You will receive a message telling you that the student already exists within the system.

You may not be eligible for all programs listed due to your current grade. You will be alerted in this case and will not be able to continue the application for that program.

You may submit applications for all students for which you are a legal guardian using this account with up to two requested General Education Program choices per child, and up to four Gifted Education choice where age/grade appropriate per child.

You are not required to submit more than one choice.

Please submit placement requests only to schools you are willing to send your child to attend.

If your child is accepted into a school requested they will no longer be considered for placement into any other school requested and are removed from the wait list,

even if your child is accepted into the second choice (or lower for Gifted Education Programs) school requested.

REMEMBER, you must click "Send My Application" as the last step for your child to be considered for potential placement to any school requested. "Send My Applicaiton must also be clicked for any second choice (or lower for Gifted Education Programs) school requested.

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With thirty specialty schools to choose from, the St. Louis Magnet Schools offer an exciting, tuition free alternative for students of all ages and abilities.