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Welcome to St. Louis Public Schools Magnet and Choice Schools 2018-2019 School Year Online Application

The 2018-19 School Year SLPS Gifted Education Programs application period will open Monday, September 18th, 2017.

The 2018-19 School Year SLPS General Education Programs application period will open Monday, October 2nd, 2017.


If you have already created a parent account from a previous school year application submission, please use that account information to login and submit an application for your child to be considered for placement in the 2018-19 school year.

Be sure to login in with the same exact email used in the first/previous account established to submit your child's application(s) and used by the automated email feature to communicate the status of your application(s). If you create a new or additional parent account and attempt to apply for a student that is already listed within a previously created parent account, the system will not let you proceed with submitting a new application. You will receive a message telling you that the student already exists within the system.

Again for the 2018-19 School Year, parents may submit placement requests/apply for their child to be considered for both Gifted Education Program schools and General Education Program Schools simultaneously. This consideration is offered to allow children awaiting testing for Gifted Education Program Schools to also be considered for placement into General Education Program Schools if the student does not test eligible for SLPS Gifted Education Programs after the lottery has been run.

If the situation occurs where a student is determined eligible for SLPS Gifted Education Programs and is accepted to both Gifted and General Education Program Schools requested via submitted applications, the parent will be asked to choose which school they desire for the child to attend and this decision is final. A student cannot hold seats to two different SLPS Magnet Schools at one time. The offered seat that is declined will no longer be available for the child after the choice of the two schools is selected by the parent/guardian of the student.   

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Early Childhood 

  • Wilkinson ECC PK3- 2nd
  • Stix ECC PK3-2nd


  •  Ames Visual and Performing Arts PK4-5th
  • Dewey International Studies PK4-5th
  • Gateway Elementary PK4-5th
  • Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning 3rd-5th
  • Lyon Academy @ Blow Kg-8th
  • Mullanphy Investigative Learning Center PK3-5th
  • Shaw Visual and Performing Arts PK4-5th
  • Washington Montessori PK3-5th

Middle Grades 6-8 At All Sites

  • Academy of Entrepreneurship Studies Middle (CHOICE school-city residents only)  
  • Busch Middle School of Character
  • Carr Lane VPA Middle
  • Compton-Drew Investigative Learning Center
  • Gateway Math & Science Prep Middle

High Schools 

  • Central Visual and Performing Arts
  • Soldan International Studies
  • Cleveland Naval Junior
  • Northwest Academy of Law (CHOICE school-city residents only)
  • Metro Academic and Classical
  • Clyde C. Miller Career Academy (CHOICE school-city residents only)
  • McKinley Classical Leadership
  • Carnahan High School of the Future (CHOICE school-city residents only)
  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience

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  • Columbia GE: PK4-2nd for 2018-19
  • Kennard CJA: PK4-5th
  • Mallinckrodt AGI: PK4-5th
  • Gifted Classroom at Stix: KG, 1st and 2nd Only
  • McKinley CJA Middle: 6th, 7th and 8th




With thirty specialty schools to choose from, the St. Louis Magnet Schools offer an exciting, tuition free alternative for students of all ages and abilities.