Cleveland NJROTC

Please Contact School Directly To Arrange A Visit.

4939 Kemper

FAX 314.244.1744

Cleveland Junior Naval Academy is a military school with a strong emphasis on leadership development and academic achievement. Students have opportunity to practice leadership though the structure embedded in the NJROTC program.

The school provides all cadets with excellent academic opportunities including Advanced Placement classes; field experiences provided by the Navy; intern experiences and opportunity for travel with academic exploration.

Eligibility criteria to Cleveland Junior Naval Academy includes:

  • 2.5 minimum grade point average
  • Grade of C or better in math and communication arts for the entire year
  • Submission of optional 5 paragraph essay, "Why I want to be a cadet at Cleveland Naval Junior Academy" to be used for two candidates vying for same seat
  • Must have a good attendance record
  • Must have no significant discipline history
  •  Parents of accepted students are required to attend a 3 hour orientation with the cadet candidates and be willing to accept the responsibility for the uniforms if they are lost or damaged.

Please call Ms. Linnet Richardson at 314-776-1301 for information regarding eligibility, or email to

School FAX number is 314.244.1744 

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