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Soldan International Studies

918 Union Ave.

Soldan ISHS is a nationally accredited high school that prepares students for colleges and 21st Century careers in the medical field, biomedical sciences, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), information technology, computer science, business, management, law, and leadership. Students attending Soldan take part in a global studies curriculum, preparing them for further education and careers in an ever changing and diverse society.

Soldan's rigorous curriculum focuses on international studies, career preparation, and the use of technology. Students have honors and Advanced Placement classes offered in all major content areas, and a technology embedded curriculum complete with Promethean Boards, Smart Boards, laptops, videoconferencing, and digital literacy. Soldan's premier technology capabilities include a state of the art biomedical sciences lab, veneer probes, digital literacy, videoconferencing, and Skype. Students have the opportunity to connect with other students around the world, participating in the France-United States Academy and participating in a foreign exchange program with Academie de Lyon, France.

Students at Soldan are prepared for careers in the 21st Century through Soldan's community partnerships. The Project Lead the W ay Biomedical Sciences Pathway partners with Washington University Medical School, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and St. Louis University Hospital, designed for students interested in becoming scientists, engineers, researchers, crime scene investigation (CSI) or entering the medical field. The Law Pathway partners with the Washington University School of Law and the Mound City Bar Association. The Information Technology Pathway partners with the University of Missouri - St. Louis College of Business Administration and its Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. Qualified seniors complete an internship in their career choice.

Additionally, Soldan offers a rich variety of fine arts and sports activities for students, including band, choir, basketball, football, baseball, softball, tennis, wrestling, soccer, track, and cross country. Enrichment and remedial services are available. Students can enroll in the A+ Program.

It is recommended that students have a

  • 2.5 grade point average or better
  • 93% or higher attendance 
  • Good citizenship
Soldan concentrates on preparing students for college and 21st century careers in a global, technological world. It is recommended that students:
  • Study a foreign language. Offerings are in Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and French.
  • Select a Career Pathway: Information Technology/ Computer Science; Business Management; Biomedical Sciences careers in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), engineering, medicine; and the leadership and law with Washington University Law School. 
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