3 Students

Gateway STEM Academy

5101 McRee

Gateway STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) High School, recognized by the United States Department of Education as a New American High School, integrates a strong academic curriculum emphasizing mathematics and science with career preparation in highly technical fields. Accelerated and advanced placement courses are available. Gateway STEM creates lifelong learn- ers through skill building, team building, real-life applications, and service to the community.

1.       Interest in mathematics, science, engineering and/or technology

2.       Expectation to attend post-secondary education at a university, college, community college or technical school with the intent to attain a diploma

3.       Official recommendation checklist form for high school, submitted by two of the following: the applicant’s teacher, counselor, principal or designated administrator

4.       Student transcripts/report cards, test scores, reflecting aptitude and success in mathematics, science and writing

5.       Attendance of 90% or better required (over 93%preferred) and No major discipline infractions or repeated behavioral issues

6.     Commitment to parental involvement ( i.e., PTA, advisory committees, booster clubs, support of school, volunteer)


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